Kenyan Actress Jackie Matubia has revealed that she made her first million at only 22.

In an Interview with You Tuber Vincent Mboya she said she hit it big after a career changing deal that made her bag the huge sum of money.

“At the age of , is it 22 or 23 yeah, I did an advert” she said.

She admitted that straight after high school she started fending for herself and she even got a job immediately hence she made a lot of money.

“Yes (I was staying alone) . I started living alone immediately after high school, I was working immediately after high school,” she said.

Matubia also disclosed that she is not a church person as she is still trying to find a place of worship. But, she maintained that she has a good relationship with God, only that she does not go to a house of worship like most people do.

Jackie Matubia’s acting career started when she was featured in Tahidi High, which aired every Tuesday on Citizen TV. She took the role of Jolene but later left the show after getting pregnant. Years later, she returned to the screens taking the role of Nana in Zora. The programme ran from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm. The program saw Matubia acting alongside Sarah Hassan, with whom she acted with in Tahidi High.

Jackie used to work as a host of ChatSpot on SwitchTV. The celebrity later quit and started her show on Rembo TV. The show was called E-Zone with Jackie. She mainly shared entertainment news that revolved around celebrities.

Apart from acting and being a TV host, Jackie is an entrepreneur who runs an online and physical business called Fabulously Forward. The business mainly deals with manicures, pedicures, acrylic sculpting, refills, and gel application. The entrepreneur has incorporated the sale of different accessories in her store.



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