Legendary Luo musician Suzanna Owiyo famously known for her hit song “Kisumu 100” spoke about her experience performing for former US president Barack Obama.

In an interview with SPM, the overjoyed musician said that it was humbling and amazing to have people of Obama’s caliber listen to her performance and be her fans.

“How amazing to just  get  people of his caliber  being your fan, listening to your music and staff, yeah so it’s humbling,” she recalled

Suzanna said that during a meet and greet with the former President, she gave Obama two of her music albums.

She added that she was very sure that Obama was listening to her music from wherever he was.

“The fact that I was able to perform for him and the fact that I was able to meet him and I remember the first encounter I had my CDs, my music with me I brought myself the two albums because it was a meet and greet I remember  at the US ambassadors residence and when I got introduced like this is one of our favorite Kenyan musicians and he asked me, where are your tools? and I had my tools with me, am like  the two CDs, ako nayo I’m very sure anaskiza mahali ako,” the music diva said

The Grand Warrior award winner added that Obama said that he was watching her perform after which he congratulated her for her great performance.

“So when he came in as the president, during the GA summit if I am not wrong I remember at Kasarani  when he gave this the his speech and when it was time for meet and greet again he remembered and said, Suzanna, that was nice, you know I was watching you and you did great,” she said.

Owiyo first met Obama in 2006 when he visited Kenya as senator. He later met with him  in 2015 during his visit in the country for a summit

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