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Artist and actress Sanaipei Tande has found herself on the wrong side with netizens for allegedly dressing in a manner that her age doesn’t allow.

The artist took to her social to share several of her photos. She had donned a shirtdress that clearly paraded her thighs.

“Vile inafaa! Good morning,” she ‘innocently’ captioned her photos.


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Netizens have however disagreed with her move, saying that she needs to respect her age. Others claimed that she was aging and it would be a curse for them to see her like that. Here are some of the comments on her photos from Twitter.

Book Ten: At 47 years, Sanaipei Tande should stop posting unpleasant semi-nude images and retire respectfully like Avril. Find someone and settle, hata Kama ni Asamoh. Also she can start an institution and nurture young talents. We appreciate your contribution in the music industry.

Rajini Nicholas: I have known Sanaipei Tande as one of the best actresses and artists in Kenya for a long time. Just like Churchill, it is time she starts mentoring young people and stop posting those thirsty traps.

Mkenya Daima: Sanaipei Tande is a classical problem of what our society is hailing from, the Oldee women seeing themselves as younger women, unajua vile huwa disgusting kuona thighs za shosh hata unaeza pata laana ju ya kuona uchi wa mzee.

Babu Nasty: Sanaipei Tande is just 38 years old, Nyashinski is 42. My point is women are like a packet of milk, they have an expiry date. Men are like a bottle of wine, they increase in value as they age. Don’t argue with me.

The Najuta hitmaker real age is 38 years.

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  • grace Ikua


    Nonsence!inawauma nn,ama inawahusu nn?



    She is a star and age is just a number, of course she can retire but please let her decide when, but aslong as she need to entertain us please alow her to do so, this is her calling and i like the way she is doing her role well.

    Keep up the good work Sanaipei

    • Gabriel Ogollah


      I don’t see any problem with that how old is Jennifer Lopez??

  • Eunice mueni kivindyo


    Ugezalia radio king maina kangeni and avoid this drama

  • Joseph


    Ilike snaipen tande is she married ?

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