Edwin Sifuna, the current Nairobi senator, has raised concerns about the government subsidizing fertilizer.

According to the Senator, these fertilizer was given as donation from Russia, hence it is not right for the government to sell it at a cheaper price.

“You cannot subsidize something that you received for free. You cannot reduce the price of something you got for free. What I want people to understand is that the so-called fertilizers, the Russian government confirmed that it gave for free,” Sifuna said while appearing for an interview in a local media house.

“When did you ever see the agriculture CS saying that this is the free fertilizer we got, get it, for free? It is not free; they actually sold the fertilizer to farmers and claimed it is subsidized,” he further  said.

The ODM secretary general  also questioned why the prices are not falling despite the availability of fertilizers and rains. He noted that it was among the speakers’ promises to look at the evidence and straighten the controversial concerns around the fertilizer subsidy program.

“How long does maize farming take? You received the fertilizer in the past three months, why are the prices not coming down? Yet you subsidized, and we have enough rain now, we have had three harvests, where is the cheap fertilizer?” Sifuna questioned.

It is in January when the Government distributed the first subsidized fertilizer at a cost of Ksh. 3,500 down from the then market price of Ksh. 6,500.

The second Subsidy Program from the government was in August where  President William Ruto promised that the prices of fertilizers would drop from the then Ksh. 3,500 to Ksh. 2,500 for a 50- kilogram bag.


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