A month ago, popular female DJ Pierra Makena opened up about her baby daddy being a dead beat.

Pierra said that she is not in contact with him and that she had forgotten that he exist. She further said that she would never drag him to court for child support.

In a recent interview with Mungai Eve, the mother of one gave more insight about her situation.

“I can never take a man to court. I can never sue a man  because he has refused to take care of his child. Please God help me to never do that. That is just wrong, I wish I could take a man to court to love the child love is more different than material. Let a man  be therefore the child, let that man hug that baby when she needs the love and attention. Let them take care of their child emotionally, if there was a room like that then I would take a man to court. I wouldn’t take a man to court because he has money so he gives me a share of it to take care of the baby. Foremost I am very content with where I am at in my life,” she said.

Pierra told Eve that she broke up with her baby daddy, only to discover that she was pregnant two weeks later. When she was five months pregnant, her baby daddy married another woman. Their daughter is currently 7 years old.

“I told myself to be content when I realized I was pregnant and this guy was not going to be part of it. To be very clear, we had a very good relationship but after we broke and I was pregnant, he left. He did not want anything to do with us  and he was very polite about it. He wasn’t rude, he didn’t demean me or anything but 5 months later when I was pregnant, he got married to someone else.That was hurting, I never thought I would move on from that but I did. Somehow I don’t know how we get the grace to but I am  happy for him because I thought he found his happiness,” she recounted.

The mother of one hopes that her baby daddy is in deed happy. She however said that she doesn’t follow his life and she is unaware of what goes on in his life.

“That is why for me to bother his life, to go knock on his door, no, that’s a big deal. That’s their life,” she said.

She also shut claims that her baby daddy was already married when she got pregnant for him.

“No he was never married. We had dated for a bit and then we broke up, two weeks later is when I discovered I was pregnant, after we had broken up. We stayed for about 5 months, he met this other chick and I think they connected , happily married,” she said.

Pierra further said that she is a kind of woman that can never go after a married man. She added that for the respect she has for his marriage, she can not reveal his identity.

Politician Steve Mbogo, DJ Mo are however some of the  many who have been rumoured to be the fathers of her child.


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