Businesswoman and Musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee has delved a little deeper in what has been troubling her in the recent days.

In a lengthy social media post, the self made boss lady revealed that she had come out of a dangerous zone and she was going through therapy.

She added that the face that she puts out there is not a true reflection of what is happening off camera but she was grateful for her family and friends, including Nelly Oaks who have stood with her during the trying terms.

“I have come out of a very dangerous Zone and I have been healing in private , I am on my 2nd month of therapy The trauma I went through after finding out the truth & some ugly stuff that left me shaking ,Went days without food & No sleep , questioning and answering myself , it has been very heavy 🙏 some days , a night will just break into a day with me looking outside the window guessing at nothing 🤔, I would be shaking for reasons I can’t explain, and just remember,I still had work to do, A family and an empire to protect . I still had to put on a strong Face and entertain my fans 🙏,” she wrote.

“I started by monitoring my behaviors , I realized I was breaking down quite often for no reason 🤔, even just a simple interview 🤔I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t put a finger on it . I never knew about Emotional Abuse , until I started therapy 🙏I was in a bad state of mind that got me pay 50,000 ksh per hour for an hour session with the first therapist 🤔,I was shaking and lose of energy, appetite ,sleep ,panic attacks and even lost motivation in doing things I loved to do,” Akothee further revealed.

The mother of five has since demanded for privacy as she goes through the difficult moment.

“Allow me go through this and once everything is okey and I am stable enough to talk about it , I will be back with Good news .
We are fixing some stuffs off cameras, and I have made a decision 🙏,I don’t want to hurt anyone not even you reading this ,not at all,” she said.


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