Diamond platinumz has yet again had people scratching their heads regarding his recent comments about Hamisa’s son.

Apparently Diamond and Hamisa welcomed their son in August 2017 , but till today the question is who is the real father?

A few years ago there was a heated debate with allegations that Kenyan musician cum politician Jaguar was the father of the child but Hamisa slammed them.

A month ago the issue of Hamisa’s baby daddy resurfaced after a radio presenter in Tanzania questioned whether Diamond was the father to the baby in question.

Diamond response to the entire issue has left people in the Dark considering that he did not own up as the father of the child.

”I have heard about the allegations, I did my own investigation and even spoke to Hamisa. At the end of the day, that child is an angel. When he grows up, he will come to see these interviews, so I will not put the child into depression.”

“Looking at my life when growing up, I came to know my father when I was already grown up. The mother (Hamisa Mobetto) is the one who knows the father.” added Diamond.

Hamisa and her son during his 5th Birthday.

Responding to the radio presenters insinuation, Hamisa Mobeto who apparently knows the father of the child warned people against dragging her son into their conversations, however Diamond brought it up again.

Stop talking about my son, stop it,How does a grown person decide to sit down and talk about matters that don’t concern them, how do you talk about a five year old child ni kama walikuwepo wakati anapatikana.” She warned.

Many Tanzanians and her followers did not hide the fact that her son resembles Tanzanian Bongo star BillNass, Nandy’s husband.

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