Colonel Mustafa

Kenyans have been left in utter shock after a video of legendary musician Colonel Mustafa working in ‘mjengo’ surfaced online.

Mustafa is known for  hit songs such Hey baby featuring his former girlfriend Marya, Mtaani dot com and Lenga stress. He also dated rapper Noti Flow but they broke up in 2019. The last time he released a song was in July 2022 but the song did not perform so well. A spot check on his social media channels indicate that he only has very few posts form 2021.

Sources who stays in Utawala where the artists allegedly reside claim that Mustafa  has been working in construction since last year February.

“It is true I used to live around Utawala pia where he stays huko Mradi and he’s been hustling in construction sites kuanzia kitambo last year huko February when I saw him. Having his own house is the best thing he did and he is very friendly, huongea na kila mtu hata unaezampata base ya mboga helping. People should understand that money comes and goes and just like any other person life happens and hustle is hustle. Should he have invested wisely? yes…but is going to be ashamed to hustle because he was once a celebrity and had it all?…,”  the source said and further urged Kenyans to give him connections.

Another source who claimed to have been friends with Mustafa confirmed that he works in mjengo sites in Utawala. The source said that Mustafa went broke because women milked him dry, and everybody abandoned him thereafter.

“Uzuri halipi rent, am so proud of him ameamua kupiga hustle kama mwanaume. Ingekuwa wasanii wengine wangeanza kuomba usaidizi huku nje wachangiwe. Naua siku moja itajipa and he will tell the story,” the source said.

A netizen however said that Colonel Mustafa might be shooting a music video since he had a boutique in St. Michael’s Chokaa.





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