Youth President Karen Nyamu has revealed the reason behind her famous hairstyle.

Karen Nyamu took to her Instagram posting an old video with an interesting caption that has elated fans.

“This is a few years back at a political rally in mombasa. Kabla nikutane na ka mtu kakaniambia vile kanachukia wigs nikazitupa mbali hahaha wacha tu nicheke sababu siwezi lia,” she wrote.

The caption revealed that she absolutely loved her ex Samidoh and dropped off wigs in order to please him.

However,fans did not just pick the wig part but looked deep into the matter but told her she can easily fall for Samidoh.

@crystabel_kui said: “Wewe sasa ni kama umeanza kukamiss. Utarudi tu bado ni mapema. Sasa uko stage ya nostalgia. It’s a process mama to all humans.”

“Nikirudi uniite Kang’ethe,”Nyamu savagely responded.

Some fans also went savage on her laughing the fact that Samidoh told her he hates wigs yet her replacement, Edday wears wigs.

@maryk_george said: “He hated wigs but you loved them ukazitoa juu yake, but the one kwa nyumba ako nazo, weh.”

Samidoh and his wife Edday Nderitu

Isn’t this pure irony?

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