Just hours after exiting Kiss FM, Comedian Oga Obinna shared a screenshot of a message from one of his fans on his Instagram account.

The fan identified as Ronald was requesting Obinna to help him with Kshs10,000

“Hey this is random but could you please help me out with Kshs10,000,” the fan said

Reacting to his message Obinna wondered if the fan is not aware that he is jobless.

“Huyu hajui I’m jobless,” the comedian said.


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Obinna had previously warned a section of fans about asking him for help in his DMs yet they don’t support his comedy and music career. He further said that the only people he will help for free are children in orphanages.

“My new year resolution is simple. If I don’t see you commenting, supporting or just gassing me up, don’t come come in my DM asking for assistance of any kind. You can’t expect support from a brand you aren’t supporting. Siokoti Pesa. Nikitukanwa online, natukanwa peke yangu, wewe umenyamaza. Nawachekesha IG na YouTube na hamchecki. Nikiimba hamsikizi na online hamstream. Wengine nikiwaita interview Obinna TV hamkuji. Mkono mtupu haulambwi,” Obinna stated.


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