Award winning rapper snoop dog alias Calvin Cordoza has caused a stir online after revealing that he had made a decision to quit smoking  ,marijuana.

The rapper took to his largely followed Instagram  account to share the news with his fans and followers.

He posted up a picture of himself and declared that he was quitting smoke.

”I’m giving up smoke.” the rapper wrote.

The ”drop it like its hot” hitmaker explained that after much conversation with his family, he had decided to give up smoke before hilariously requesting for privacy during his ”no smoke” era.

”After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. please respect my privacy at this time” the portrait read.



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Netizens flocked the comment section with opinions on the musician’s newly found outlook on drugs.

”My man snoop giving up smoke is like vin Diesel giving up ya family”

”When I told my friends growing up “I won’t stop smoking until snoop does”… look at me now.”

”The man who sued to roll his blunts in now unemployed.” netizens commented.

The rapper has made it no secret at all that his  love for Marijuana runs deep and that he has the ability to inhale copious amounts of the drug without losing control over himself.

Back in 2013  he took to Twitter to confess that he takes about 81 joints in day.

His confession to quit smoke comes months after he engaged in an online battle with his professional roller after she had given an interview and stated that she rolled 75 to 81 blunts for the seasoned rapper.

Snoop came for her neck insisting that she was lying. He took to his social media pages and posted only 6 buts of weed with the caption.” Stop Lying”

His fans and followers now await to see if the rapper will indeed stand on his words and quit his long-term marijuana smoking habit.




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