Inspector General of Police (IG) Japhet Koome has addressed claims alleging that the State has withdrawn the security detail attached to former President Uhuru Kenyatta, instead stating that his bodyguards have been scaled down in line with the law.

Speaking in Mombasa on Friday, IG Koome explained that the presidential escort unit of a sitting president falls under the command of an Assistant IG but upon retirement, the unit’s leadership is transferred to a superintendent who reports directly to an Assistant IG.

By having an Assistant IG continue leading former President Kenyatta’s security detail, Koome said this would have caused a conflict in the chain of command since an officer of the same rank is in charge of President Ruto’s security command.

“Once a president is retired the commander of his escort unit is a superintendent of police. That has been the arrangement since the late President Moi retired,” said Koome.

“An officer who was at the rank of assistant IG was with the just-retired president. So how do you expect an assistant IG to report to another assistant IG?”

Koome added that he has since recalled the Assistant IG who was in charge of Uhuru’s security detail in order to give him responsibilities equivalent with his rank.

“So whatever has been done is in good faith and the IG is available if any of our leaders have any issues. Ours is to ensure that we are fair to every senior citizen. Our mandate is to serve all without bias,” he said.

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