Former Radio Presenter Kamene Goro has once again been forced to address claims that she is expecting a child.

This round, netizens were convinced that she was expecting after she shared after of herself in a bikini while diving.

“I really did have the most memorable day of my life today!! I will tell you the story.I just want to appreciate and thank @fathy_shipa for giving me memories for a life time!!!!!! His excursions are EVERYTHING!!!!” her caption read.

In the comments section, a section of netizens sarcastically encouraged her to enjoy her “food” well as others simply congratulated her.

“Enjoy your food, naona umeshiba vizuri,” read one comment.

“Enjoy your food in peace just like Wahu,” another netizen said.

Kamene however took to Instagram to set the record straight, saying that she was shocked and amused with the comments.

She added that she is not pregnant, and that the whole world would have known from the first day if that was the case.

“So I woke up this Morning to a whole bunch of hateful, ignorant comments on my last post, and I’m floored and amused. I will never understand how it is ones first instinct to be hateful or mean and the crazy assumptions some of you want to place on MY life. It shocks and amuses me. I’m not pregnant, if I was trust the whole world would know from day one, not that I need to explain that.

“And I love my body with all its curves and edges, I owe nobody the kind of body you want or expect me to have, let’s just get that straight. Babygirl ako tu sawa, living the life I’ve always wanted to live, so how about this morning you start working towards living the kind of life you want to live and stop living with that hate in you, utaanza kuchapa,” she said.


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