Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko says that Controversial Malindi pastor Paul Mackenzie did not commit any crime by urging his believers to fast to death.

In an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Ringtone said that the controversial preacher helped his believers take their faith to the next level and they are happy now because they have gone to heaven.

“I know people will think that I am stupid and that I have lost my mind, but I want to say those who left their wealth and went to fast because of Mackenzie, I am sure they are in heaven. I am sure that you are currently fighting Mackenzie but they(followers) are happy and celebrating,” he said adding that it is not clear if Mackenzie will not go to heaven because his squandered his believers wealth.

He further said that he would have fasted just like Good News International faithfuls had he gotten chance but the difference is he would not have died like them.

“I feel jealous of his believers who are in heaven  because I don’t know if we will see them in heaven. I would have fasted, but I can’t die because I am cunning. I love fasting. Where I have reached is because of prayers. People should not get angry, the bodies that are being exhumed are earthily bodies we were all created by soil and we would go back to the soil their spirits are however in heaven, the angels are celebrating because people have gotten to heaven. We are now sure that a few Kenyans are now in heaven,” he said.




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