Popular actress and media personality Jackie Matubia on Thursday held a Question and Answer session with her Instagram fans.

One of the questions she received was on whether she would allow her second baby daddy, actor Blessing Lungaho, to be in the life of their daughter Zendaya .

“Will you allow Baba Zendaya to be in his daughter’s life just like Baba Zari(her elder daughter’s father)?” a fan posed.

In her response, the mother of two said that that is only applicable if the father of the child is willing.

“First of all you give  chances to fathers who are interested . The first thing is if a father is interested in the child first,” she said.

Another fan questioned if Blessing was taking care of his responsibilities as Zendaya’s father.

“Is Blessing helping in raising Didi(Zendaya’s nickname) ama you are doing it Solo?” the fan asked.

Reacting to the question, Jackie only shared a video of herself with Reuben Kigame and Gloria Muliro’s song Huniachi playing in the background and let her facial expressions speak for themselves.

She also received a question about her experience as a single mother and if she feels she would publicise her future relationship.

“Am good, my kids are good that’s all that matters to me. And I feel like the next…sijafika hapo when it comes to my healing process and my moving on process, niko where I want to be in the healing process and my kids healing process, tuko hapo hatujaanza kufikiria huko,”


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September 14, 2023

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