Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah is proposing that Utamaduni Day should be scrapped from the national holidays.

The National Assembly majority leader wants the holiday that is celebrated on October 10 every year be removed

The leader at amending the Public Holidays Act through the statute Law (miscellaneous Amendments) (NO.2) Bill, as presented in parliament on November 15, 2023.

“Under the Public Holidays Act (Cap 110), the bill proposes to amend the Public Holidays Act to remove Utamaduni Day as a public holiday,” his bill read.

This act also grants the Cabinet Secretary authority to declare public holidays either additional to the schedule or as substitution.

“The Cabinet Secretary may at any time if he thinks fit, by notice in the gazette, declare any day to be a public holiday either in addition to the days mentioned in the schedule or in substitution for any of those days and either throughout Kenya or in any Sub-County area or part thereof, and thereupon any day so appointed shall be a public holiday in all respects as if it were a day mentioned in the schedule, in Kenya or locality specified in the notice; and where, in any year, any day is so declared to be a public holiday in substitution for any of the days mentioned in the schedule such latter day shall in such year cease to be a public holiday in Kenya or the locality specified in the notice,” Part of the Act reads.

The proposed amendment has also touched the Office of the Attorney-General Act, 2012, addressing inconsistencies in its operation.

“The Bill proposes to amend the office of the Attorney-General Act, 2012 to remove inconsistencies in the operation framework of the office of the Attorney General in line with Article 156 of the constitution that establishes the Office of the Attorney General as an independent office,” the proposed amendment read.

In 2020, Utamaduni Day was introduced to replace Huduma Day. The Huduma Day was set to celebrate Kenya’s cultural diversity and heritage.

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