Content creator and tik toker Nyako earlier today got into a confrontation with city council police officer in a video that has surfaced in online platforms.

Although little is known to what led to led the incident, Nyako gave a stern warning to the officer about her rights.

In her statements, Nyako reminded the officer that it was illegal for him to board her car without proper authorization from the driver.

This escalated to a series of exchange of words between Nyako and the police officer.

“I’m gonna expose this one…you cannot be harassing people like idiots yet we have our freedom and rights”

This is not the first time for Nyako to defend herself in a live video. The tik toker often settles scores in her tik tok channel to all people try to  challenge her.

Her recent victim was Andrew Kibe who once mentioned her name during his shows on his social  media platforms.

Nyako responded by daring him to say her  name again in any of his shows or have his US citizenship revoked.


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