Sensational teenage Rapper Trio Mio  has revealed that he narrowly escaped death Wednesday night.

Trio was allegedly nabbed by robbers at gunpoint by unknown individuals on his way from studio late in the night.

According to the young Rapper who was speaking to Obdan Dela he was ambushed  after being greeted by 3 men who there after robbed him.

“Walinigotea nikifunga mlango, nikimaliza hivi washashuka wakatoa gun na mwengine ako na panga” narrated Trio Mio.

The artist revealed that the robber who was in possession of the  gun pointed it to his head before placing it on his stomach.

“I was ready to give them everything, my shoes and clothes as long as they spared my life. They had cocked the gun and placed it on my stomach. They took my two phones and I gave them the car keys,” he said.

During the interview he also cautioned his friends from being scammed since both his phones were stolen.

“If you call me at 0769****** or 0710****** just know both my phones have been stolen. Don’t be scammed” added the rapper.








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