Popular Tiktoker and Radio Presenter Azziad Nasenya is the latest victim of dis information involving leaked nudes.

Azziad is trending on Twitter and several social media platforms after a steamy video of her look alike was leaked on telegram. The woman in question had donned Azziad’s previous looks including a blonde hairstyle hence making netizens believe that it was the TikToker.

Azziad has since distanced herself from the video and the woman in the clip has been identified as Destiny Mira.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, the radio presenter however admitted that she nearly doubted herself and almost thought that she was the one in the video because of their striking resemblance. According to her, she received information about the viral video while at work.

“I was at work today(Monday). Then I just decided to go live on Tiktok. The first person texted me your video is trending, we have seen you on Telegram. Then several other similar messages followed. I was like this is weird. Another lady texted me saying that we know it is not you and she send me the link on Instagram then I went and watched. For a second I was like, huuh! or it is me because that lady really looks like me. I was questioning myself, I was like is it me in a different life,” Azziad said.

She was however grateful for her fans who have mastered her appearance and tattoos very well and were able to point out the differences between her and Mira.

“I didn’t think it was a big issue until people who care about me started texting on WhatsApp if I was okay. Good thing also is that my online family, you guys know me so well. You know all my tattoos. If you look so well that girl looks like me but if you look again it is not me,” she said.

Video ;Courtesy Eve mungai

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