Popular Mugithi singer and DJ Lawrence Wagura aka Dj Fatxo has reacted after being cleared on Jeff Mwathi’s death.

The DJ had the murder allegations against him dropped due to insufficient evidence.

While expressing and sending his sympathies to Mwathi’s family, Dj Fatxo pleaded with Kenyans to stop judging him as investigations by the Directorate Of Criminal Investigations(DCI) together with office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) did not find him guilty of any charge.

“I want to take those opportunity to clear my name and to assure you all that I have been found not guilty after thorough investigations by the DCI detectives and the ODPP. While I am relieved to have this behind me, I know there are people who may be struggling with feelings of anger, frustrations and disappointments. ” wrote Fatxo

The disk jockey also discouraged Kenyans against jumping into conclusions and cyber bullying people without evidence. He lamented that he has gone through an emotional turmoil as a result of cyber bullying because of Jeff’s death.

” I want to use this situation to remind all of us the importance of not jumping into conclusions or cyber bullying anyone based on mere accusations. I have gone through a very difficult period both emotionally and physically, and I know how damaging and hurtful it can be to be on the receiving end of false accusations and cyber bullying ” he further stated.

Fatxo told Kenyans to approach his case with facts in order to see the truth.

“I understand that this situation may have been difficult for some of you, and I want to encourage everyone to seek out the facts and to approach this situation with an open mind ” he added.

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