Former Radio girl Kamene Goro has maintained that she was not fired from Radio Africa’s Kiss FM earlier this year.

Kamene said that her contract had expired but there was room to renew it. Kamene however declined to the offer because the job had began taking a toll at her health.

“By the way nilijitoa. My contract was up on the 28th or 29th of January and the previous year, start of December. I called Pete Clair and they had started having conversations that maybe we sit down and look at staff and what for a new contract. I told Pitts I don’t intent on renewing my contract and I don’t want to. I told him I don’t enjoy the job that I am doing anymore it has started to weigh down on my health it was terrible. My ulcers was out of this world,” she said in an interview with Tuco Extra.

According to her, the last time she had an ulcers attack was in January when she was leaving Kiss FM.

“Since then Gucci hata insurance company wako like..waah,” she said.

Kamene further further affirmed that she has never been fired in her entire employment history. According to her, she chose to leave her previous places of work.

“So no I wasn’t fired, I said I don’t want to renew the contract and they said sawa. I think that’s when they started talking to Sheila. You can even find my contract their, its out there,  you can check the commencement date and end date. For those who are hoping that I had been fired, no, my entire professional existence I  have never been fired. My health was in the pits for the longest. I used to cry going to work in the morning,” she said


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