Singer Bahati has recalled the frustrating moments leading that he encountered before the 2022 general elections.

The father of five was one of the contestants for the Mathare parliamentary seat on a Jubilee ticket but he lost to Anthony Oluoch of ODM.

One of the most vivid memories was when Azimio leader Raila Odinga asked him to step down in favor of Oluoch. At the time, only 10 days were remaining before Kenyans could engage in elections.

“Kuanguka si rahisi. I was coming from Naivasha knowing that I would be endorsed. On arrival, Baba was holding the microphone, he said my boy leave this thing I will give you a job. I was like you have no job and you want to give me a job, how would it be possible?” he  said.

“Azimio never believed in young people, William Ruto believed in me before anyone, he was the first one to know that this guy is vying and he supported me first, lakini, shetani ni mbaya,” Bahati regretted.

The artist was speaking during the Chipukeezy show where he maintained that he was not looking for a job by going for the Matahre parliamentary seat. According to him, he was vying to pursue other interests.

“I was offered a job for me to step down by the former regime but I was  like I have a job, there is a reason why I am  vying, I am paying my taxes, I am still one of the most paid musician in the country but I knew I needed to make a change. I was vying to make a change,” he said, adding that,

“10 days to elections that was the worst day of my life, nimeshikwa mkono nimeambiwa  utapewa kazi and that’s how everything changed. 10 days to election kumaanisha like you only have 5 days to campaign so inamaanisha kuna watu wameenda home wakijua kuwa hauko kwa ballot. I don’t know hata nilitokea aje hio kura nilipata it s a miracle. There was nothing like convincing Baba alikuwa anataka mtu wa ODM si ule mtu atasaidia.”

He further admitted that his jubilee party never supported him he and was as equal as an independent candidate.

‘Hii ticket Jubilee sisupportiwi. Nilipelekwa IEBC tu juu ticket ushapewa, it can not be reversed  and that’s why the only way was niirudishe niseme mimi nimewacha kusimama lakini kila kitu nilikuwa independent. I campaigned with my own money. I spent roughly Kshs27 million.



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