Popular wasp waited Tiktoker Azziad has revealed that she first made her million while 19 yrs.

What’s the  highest amount of money  you have ever made and at  what age?

Azzaid revealed these during a recent event organized by Sanaa Academy  an event that saw various big wigs in the art industry brought together.

The What’s Up 254 host at Sound City also stated that the money was a proceed of the viral Utawezana challenge that she did a few yrs back.

Azziad also noted ksh200,000 was the first ever large amount of money that she ever received and at her age it was soo much.

“That was the first money I ever made. I got 200,000 a month after the viral video. One video? I was surprised at that huge amount of money,” she said.

Since her break through 2020  after doing the Utawezana  challenge by Mejja and Femi One the Tiktok star has been scaling up on her influencer part.

She has travelled in and out of Kenya on Tiktok errands  including hosting the  Africa’s year on Tiktok 2022.

She is also a brand ambassador for the fame bic razor by bic ” miss soleil”

During the session ,she also  encouraged influencers and individuals who earn a leaving from social media to know there worth adding that they should come up with rate cards in relation to their worth.




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