Former Radio presenter Andrew Kibe has revealed that his ex girlfriend procured two abortions.

According to him, his girlfriend claimed that he was also responsible for both pregnancies as well as taking away the lives of the innocent souls.

The controversial podcaster said that his ex would use the abortion to get her own way, since he had kept it a secret and was also feeling guilty about it.

“I had this girlfriend of mine, way back in the day. This girlfriend procured two abortions, not me because I can’t procure an abortion and she said I was the daddy.  So I have two kids somewhere in heaven or hell.  She would hang those two abortions on me, she would always tell me, ‘he made me get the abortions’, and I would carry that guilt so that every time she would want her way, she would throw that abortion card to me,” Kibe narrated on his YouTube channel.

He added that he could not open up about the matter especially to his mother because he was so afraid of her.

“I carried that guilt, till one day I got tired. She kept telling me, ‘I am going to tell your mother’ and I was in afraid of my mum like crazy. I was afraid of disappointing her. I didn’t want her to know that her son, not only is he having s*x but is also impregnating this b**ch and she has been irresponsible enough to get pregnant twice,” he further said.

The day he got tired, he drove to his mum’s place with the woman in question and confess about the matter. At the time, they were both drunk and the woman would not keep calm hence destructing him as he drove.

“I put all my luggage down and when I went back to the car, the woman realized that I have changed. She could no longer hold that over me because I had confronted the person I feared the most,” he said.

Kibe made the confession while accusing Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi and Comedian Terence Creative of being controlled by their wives because they had big secrets against them.

In the case of Mudavadi, Kibe claimed that the secret his wife Tessie has against him saw him agree to launch an office for her last weekend.


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