President William Ruto has insisted he will not take part in any talks demanding for power sharing amidst pressure from the opposition to have a dialogue with the government.

Speaking in Meru on Saturday April 22, Ruto said he will not be intimidated to stoop low to Azimio la Umoja coalition demands.

The president  made it clear that he has absolutely no time to hold talks with leaders whose only interest is to look for leadership positions through unconstitutional back doors.

While targeting Azimio leader Raila Odinga, Ruto said he was shocked that some leaders were yet to come to terms with the 2022 General elections many months down the line.

President Ruto reminded politicians Kenyans already made  decisions on the kind of leadership they wanted back in August 9th 2022.

“It is not possible that seven months after elections we still want to take Kenyans back to leadership positions,” said Ruto.

The head of state further said that he will now concentrate on working for Kenyans who entrusted him with the presidency and will not hold any talks with the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance Party leader Raila Odinga.

” I want to say that I will not be available for such a plan on leadership positions, my work now is that I have a job by these Kenyans to plan for their hospitals and roads,” added the president.

However, Raila had previously said he  is not after any power deals. he noted that his intentions are purely after pushing for better economic reforms for the good of the ordinary Kenyan.

Kenya Kwanza government has picked seven representatives to hold bipartisan dialogues with their counterparts from the opposition side.

Responding to former protests that were held by the opposition at the beginning of the month, Ruto said the street marching process was not going to offer any solutions to the current poor economy.

“Putting Sufurias on the head will not solve anything, lets go back to our farms,” he had said.

ODM party leader Raila Odinga promised to go back to the streets should the government completely refuse to address  their demands, including the opening of IEBC servers and restructuring of the Electoral team.




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