Tanzanian singer has Abby Chams, has admitted that she has never had an intimate relationship.

According to her, that has been contributed by the fact that she has never fallen in love. Abby considers s3x as a gift from God that should be between two people who are in love.

“I have never had s3x before and it’s normal and for me s3x its something really intimate, its a gift from God. Its something that should be enjoyed between two people  that are really really in love kwangu mimi I have never had sex before because I have never found someone I love,” she said in an interview with Clouds FM.

Abby said that the only relationship she has been in lasted two days. She however admires the love that her parents share and hopes that she will also find her better half.

“I have never really fell in love with someone. Lakini nikiangalia wazazi wangu wanavyopendana their love is so real ,  it is so it’s do beautiful inanifanya natamani na mimi nipate siku moja nipate mtu ambaye penzi letu litadumu milele. A crush is normal like labda umekutana na mtu kaka mzuri like oh he is cute  lakini sijawahi like be in love kuwa yaani kuwa in a relationship na mtu mwenye unampenda like  really love them. One day nitakutana na mtu, I believe, and will fall in love.

“Sijawahi kuwa kwa relationship with someone I like. Nilishawahi(kuwa relationship) with someone we were talking and stuff like that and he said can you be my girlfriend? I said okay. lakini ndani ya siku mbili  nikasema I don’t think I like this kwangu mimi I don’t take that as a relationship because it was two days lakini  I guess you can say I was in a relationship kwa siku mbili na nikamwambia its not you its me,” the 20-year old said.

Abby is known for her viral video where she claims that she doesn’t know how to cook ugali but knows the ingredients. In the same video, she said that she can’t wash clothes unless its with a washing machine.



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