Justina Syokau has shared details of why she was forced to come out with a huge, fake nyash towards the end of last year.

Many believe that the move was intended to promote her 2023 song, which was released recently, because she unleashed her normal body shape afterwards.

In a press briefing with bloggers, Syokau however revealed that the intense desire to get married pushed her to modify her body appearance.

According to her, she had been looking for a husband since 2020. When her efforts bore no fruits, she was told that her her body shape was the reason why no potential suitor was coming forth.

“I badly wanted to get married in 2022, 2020 but in 2023 I don’t want to get married. I wanted Ringtone or Rayvanny to marry me. None of them showed interest. Right now I rest the case. I told God that I want to have a peace of mind. I don’t want anybody to disturb me,” Syokau said, adding that,

“While I was looking for a husband, people told me that I had a bad shape, big potbelly, lots of fats on my back and that is why was not being noticed,. That is how I ended up enlarging my behind. However after enlarging my butt I saw a lot of comments online that it was so heavy and no Kenyan man would handle it. I visited the doctor overnight to remove the ‘luggage’ because I didn’t want to cross to 2023 with a heavy luggage.”

The singer further said that she is content with her body is and does not care about the naysayers’ comments, adding that it was not time for her to focus on working.

“I am no longer concerned about my body. It is settled and its now to time to work. I am begging Kenyans to book me for events I will arrive very early to work,” Syokau said.

At the same time, the 2020 hitmaker could not hold back her tears while talking about how Kenyans mistreat her yet she struggles to create content for her fans.

“People troll and insult me a lot because of my songs. My songs are prophesies and if you believe they come to pass. This is the last song I am singing this 2023. I am going to start a church to preach. I better prophesy because if I sing you, I am insulted. I don’t know why people don’t wish good on me. Kenyans, what do you want me to do for you. I am struggling and praying everyday to get good content for you, I am begging you to give me jobs,” Syokau said.

She was overwhelmed with emotions, forcing her to walk out of the press conference midway.

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