Saldido Records CEO Willy Paul has vowed to abstain from sexual intercourse as he gets ready for his upcoming event.

The former gospel artist took to his Instagram account on Thursday and announced that he is abstaining from the natural act to ensure that the event is a success.

Knowing the power of the other gender,he urged women to make the process easy for him and thanked them for understanding him.

“I will Remain CELIBATE For My Upcoming Event To Be Successful… I choose To Be Holy Kabisa… Ladies Please Make This Process Easy For Me. Thank You For Understanding,” Willy Paul said.

Details about the event are however scanty.

Willy Paul shared the information accompanied by a video while working out in the gym with the help of a woman.

Reacting to the post, his followers thought that he was joking as others claimed that it is impossible for him to be celibate especially because he is known as Bwana Mkunaji.

His journey to celibacy comes just weeks after Eric Omondi accused him of sleeping around with college students.

“Willy Paul is leaving the gospel industry and now they are just having sex in Umoja. They have more scandals than the secular industry. We know what Willy Paul is doing.

“The amount of sex and fornication that DK Kwenye Beat and Willy Paul are having on a daily basis… Nimekutana na Willy Paul on Sunday with a yellow Mercedes una drive around ukitafuta watoto wa university and you are a preacher, you are a minister of the gospel,” Eric said.


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