Comedian Mammito has said that she would never promote skin lightening and bleaching products no matter how lucrative the deal is.

According to her such things do not align with her beliefs. The comedian added that she is beautiful just the way she is and that she loves her skin colour.

“For me to work with any brand, it all depends on what they stand for, and if it doesn’t align with my beliefs, then I will humbly decline. At the moment, I haven’t gotten to that point, but one job that I’m certain I can never take is doing content for brands in the skin bleaching or whitening business. I believe I’m beautiful just the way I am. I love my skin, I love black everything,” she told Nairobi News.

She however noted that she wouldn’t judge anyone who bleaches their skin.

“I won’t judge you for doing your little thing, I will respect your decision, but that isn’t just for me. I wouldn’t like to make somebody else feel like they need to do something to themselves to change their appearance to look a certain way. For that simple reason, I will decline that job even if it’s worth Sh5 million or however enticing that deal might be,” she said.


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As Mammito embraces her skin colour, a number of celebrities are believed to have altered they skin theirs. They include Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, Lilian Muli, Noti Flow, Bridget Achieng’ among others.

Others like Akothee have also embraced their original black colour. A few years ago, Akothee addressed those who were pressuring her to bleach like fellow celebs. Her response showed that she respects and loves  how she was created by God.

“Show me one surgeon who has ever fixed height, that’s when you know you can’t dictate God’s way of building, Long legs for days ?? hapa nimewachapa 10Nill ???, hii hawes make God given ????? before you tell me to bleach my skin , get your legs to my height ????????????.

“Love me or leave me alone, go bleach the people around you , the ones you have direct contact with , coz I annoy you and may be you will never shake my hands ???? you annoy yourself for no reason , bleach your entire village they will come to your funeral ,??” she wrote on social media.






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