Milly wa Jesus

YouTube content creator Milly Wa Jesus has come out to explain why she doesn’t wear her wedding ring.

Through her Insta stories, the mother of two said that she is allergic to cheap things and will start wearing a wedding ring once her husband buys her an expensive one.

According to her, she will not accept any ring that is less than Kshs314,525.

“For those who keep asking mbona sivai wedding ring, I will start wearing one ile siku @KabiwaJesus will get me one costing from $2300 and nothing less, I think I am allergic to cheap things,” Milly said.

Kabi and Milly have been married since 2017.


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It seems that Milly Wa Jesus values her brand so much and wants it to be associated with high class. Just last month, the influencer sparked mixed reactions on social media by unleashing her expensive bridesmaid rate card.

According to the rate card, Milly will be paid Kshs360,000 to be a bridesmaid for a half a day. For a full day, she charges a million and  kshs 3 million to be the best couple on the wedding day alone. For couple lineup, she is charging Ksh2 million.

“Bridesmaid for hire! Mtafika bei 😂?After @akotheekenya wedding I now have a rate card for being in your line up I am getting soo many enquiries on being on people’s lineup so please check the rates on last slide and get in touch,” she said then.


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