Digital media blogger cum brand influencer Nicholas Kioko has left Kenyan ladies envisioning how endowed he is  with many envying his wife Ashley Wambo.

Kioko and his wife amazed their fans with their latest Instagram post looking al spic and classy.

Fans were however, keen enough to notice a bulge around his fly since his royal blue designer suit  was body hugging him.

kioko then had internet users commenting hilariously about the optical nourishment being served by the two especially from Kioko.

”Huyu msee ako na tarimbo legit😂🤭”

”My eyes ooh😂😂😂 kioko umebarikiwa aki🔥”

”Nicholassskiokooo ,ur blessed sana VAR😂😂😂😂””

”I guess men aren’t supposed to comment 😂😂😂

Some of his followers questioned his tailor for not considering a fitting allowance on the suit  adding that he/she overlooked  very important parts.

Ukitokea vizuri una post tu

Fundi wa suti aliamua akuanike apo down town 🤣but mnakaa poa man👏💯”

Others opted to tease him.

”Alafu msijifanye hamuoni hiyo fimbo😎

Kioko kwa nini sasa umeeka mawe kwa mfuko?😂”

The suit had Kioko’s ex dragged in what some attributing his heavy endowment as one of the reasons why she doesn’t want to let him go.

”Ex typing and deleting 😂😂😂😂😂 munakaa poa🔥🔥


”My beautiful female fans, Mmeona fimbo ya Musa mahali? Kama umeona finya button 👉


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Waaah mnakaaa very nice wambo you look amazing

Looking amazing my people 😍❤️.

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