Operations at the Machakos law court on Wednesday were brought to a standstill when a murder suspect began bleating like a goat.

The bizarre incident occurred outside the court premises, when the female suspect, who has since been identified as Mary Mukulu Mbithi, was set to appear before Justice Margret Muigai for the hearing of the case against her.

According to a report by Nation, Mbithi bleated for an hour. She then asked a nearby woman to hand her some soil for her to lick and she stopped producing the sounds afterwards.

While she was producing the strange sounds outside the court, Justice Muigai issued a warrant for her arrest as she had failed to appear before her as required. The warrant was later lifted after the suspect’s husband “pleaded for leniency.”

The husband said that Mbithi had a mental problem and he had to take her to a hospital

Mbithi is accused of killing daughter in January 2022 and was released on a Kshs500,000 bond. The hearing of the case has since been postponed to April 27.

“According to court documents, the suspect who hails from Mbeere village in Kathini strangled her daughter, 2, to death on January 20, 2022,” the Nation reported.


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