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CNN correspondent Larry Madowo has opened up about a gun violence incident that he witnessed firsthand in Florida, US.

The incident occurred on the streets just a few metres from where Madowo and his team were having a meal at a restaurant.

According to him, they could have been part of gun violence statics had they not stopped to eat. One of the victims of the incident was a one year old.

“We were at a restaurant on the Hollywood Oceanfront Broadwalk in Florida when a shooting happened down the street. I took this picture as we ate. We could have easily been part of US gun violence statistics if we weren’t so hungry and picked the 1st spot. But a really nice beach and boardwalk otherwise. One victim of the shooting was a 1-year-old,” the former NTV journalist stated.

Larry Madowo shared a photo and video from the scene. In the video  people could be seen scampering to safety when the gun was fired.

A total of 9 people including the minor were shot during the incident whereby two groups engaged in a confrontation.

According to CNN, one suspect has been arrested and police are still searching for his opponent.



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