Controversial dance hall artist KRG the Don is among the many Kenyans who missed Akothee’s wedding, which has been dubbed the wedding of the year.

KRG missed the wedding because he was not in Nairobi. According to him, the wedding is fake and he has dissolved marriage. He added that he will destroy their marriage certificate if they don’t wed again in his presence.

“Naskia iko watu wamefanya harusi hii town ati wameoana. Iko msichana mwingine jaluo ati ameoa mzungu. Akothee anaoa aje bila mimi kuwa town.  Hio harusi haikufanyika, nimeifuta, hio harusi ni fake mpaka Akothee arudie hio harusi ama niharibu certificate yao. Mimi ndio mwenye town. (I hear that some people have wed in this town. A Luo girl has married a Caucasian man. How can Akothee wed withoiut me being in town?  That wedding did not happen. I haver dissol;ved it. Akothee must re-do it or I will destroy their certificate),” KRG who is popularly known as Bughaa said in a video he shared on Instagram.

KRG maintained that he is the owner  of Nairobi and that he will discipline any artists bringing trouble.


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KRG probably missed Akothee’s wedding because he was recently in Rift Valley for an Easter show. It is however not clear if he was invited or not.

Socialite Lady Risper however revealed that she, together with KRG, were not invited to the special event, yet they had glamorous outfits.

“Babe hatukualikwa harusi na tuko na luku, looking dope,” she commented on KRG’s Instagram post.

Krg responded to her saying that their wedding will be the best in Africa.


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