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Ugandan businesswoman and socialite Zari Hassan the Boss lady has addressed those claiming she is too old for her husband.

Taking to her Insta stories, the self proclaimed boss lady said that people need to know and understand that her man is not a child. She further said that her husband is not even close to her son’s age, as many claim adding that her son is not yet 18 years old.

“The brighter side of life right now is that you get to know my husband and he’s a fully grown man. And he’s not a child, okay?”she said.

The mother of five further maintained that she is born in 1980 and not 1978 as it is claimed.

“My family knows that, my relatives, my siblings. People change their names, their age when it’s going to other countries but for me it means nothing,” she said.


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This is not the first time Zari has been forced to address the subject of dating a much younger man. Several weeks ago, Zari wondered why it is a big issue when a woman dates a younger man.

“Ah no. My boyfriend is not young,” she said  adding that, “Forgetting some of us had babies when we were young and we started long ago. So why is it when men date younger girls it is ok, when it is the opposite, Society, society ‘pointing fingers’?” she posed.

The socialite married her fellow Ugandan Shakib Lutaaya during this year’s Ramadhan season.

Zari is not however not the only East African celebrity who has been criticized for having a younger partner. Diana Marua and Esther Musila have also faced similar criticism.


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