shorn arwa

Kenyan content creator and social media influencer, Shorn Arwa, who is based in the United Kingdom, has recently intrigued within her online community by voicing concerns over her best friend Nairofey’s decision to rekindle her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Yeforian.

During an interview with a local digital platform, Shorn Arwa openely expressed her dislike for Yeforian.

The mother of one said that she believes that Yeforian is finally back to destroy Naiorfey completely.

“The husband is not my friend, coz when you hurt my friend you stop being my friend. I am not the biggest supporter of his and till today, I hope this is not gonna make it to the titles, I still believe he is back to finally finish her,” she said.

These words, loaded with concern, have ignited a flurry of discussions and speculations within the online community.

While Shon Arwa did not fully dig into specific details or allegations about Yeforian’s past behavior, her anxious stance has generated significant interest and support from her followers. Many have commended her for her honesty and concern for her friend’s well-being.

Nairofey, a fellow  content creator, made headlines in the past due to her highly publicized separation from Yeforian earlier this year. The split, which initially appeared to be final, had been characterized by a lot of bitterness as the couple aired each other’s dirty linen to netizens.,

The on-off nature of Nairofey and Yeforian’s relationship has kept social media buzzing over the years. Followers have witnessed their ups and downs, making the reconciliation all the more captivating and, for some, worrisome.



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