Terence Creative a popular Kenyan comedian has found himself under fire from netizens after being blatantly ignored at the Jomo Kenyatta International  Airport by popular Congolese star Koffi Olomide.

The comedian joined bloggers and entertainers who camped at the aiport waiting for their possible 15 minutes of fame.

He was dressed in his ”papa freddy” element, a  Congolese character created to represent con men locally known as ”wash wash”.

In his black and gold attire complete with excess foundation and extravagant jewellery, the comedian had secured a space at the front as he was the first person the singer was introduced to immediately he landed.

”Karibu Kenya. This is Terence creative.” the promoter welcoming him stated as he ushered the two men to offcially greet each other.

”How are you Terence?” the superstar asked seemingly confused at this person who looked like his doppeler ganger.

They hardly exchanged nothing more apart from mere pleasantries before Olomode quickly marched to his awaiting envoy.

Hawk-eyed netizens immediately pointed out Olomide’s indifference towards the comedian as soon as the video went viral.Some thought that the singer was simply confused while others blasted the creative for imitatin the star on their first meet up.

”The low self esteem shows.That is exactly how a clown looks infront of the joker. No disrespect to the art though. Iam just saying what I said.”

”Sio roho mbaya but Koffi amemwambia tu sawa na story ikaishia hapo.Ndio hio story mlikua mnasema.”

”Koffi was like who be this? ata hakushughulika.”

”It’s like he does not recognize him.” netizens commented.



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