Tanzanian Bongo flava musician Harmonize has announced that he will be dropping his last Swahili song of the year this Friday.

He said that he was pushed by a DJ to make the song for his fans.

“My last Swahili song of the year. DJ SevenWorld made me do this for all of you,” Harmonize wrote on his Insta story.

At the same time, he said that he is the leading Bongo Flava artist and no one can reach his singing skills. He however acknowledged his fans as the reason to why he is successful.

“Kondeboy ni bongo flava, bongo flava ni Kondeboy. Call me number one nobody can reach my singing skills. I am on fire, it is my time and I know that. Your love and support made this happen, see you on Friday,” the Konde gang founder said.

Harmonize went ahead to slam those disagreeing with him saying that he is the most nominated artist in the Tanzania Music Awards. He further called upon his fans to continue voting for him.

In the recent past, the artist has been making controversial remarks online. Earlier this month, he warned East Africa artists with no Range Rovers to refrain from talking to him. Harmonize said that the car model is currently his baby’s class therefore artists who lack it can’t even match him.

“If you are an East African artist and you aren’t a Range Rover owner don’t talk to me. Remember Range Rover is my baby’s car. That means you’ve never been my baby’s level. Its like every Ranger Rover in town inspired by me. I am sure you know which baby I am talking about,” Harmonize said.

Days later, his biggest rival Diamond Platinumz took to Instagram to praise his signee Zuchu for acquiring a Range Rover. The WCB CEO went on to announce that Range Rover was officially the car model for hardworking women.

“Unajua kunifanya nitembee kifua mbele Zuuh (love emoji). Naomba kuanzia leo nirasimishe rasmi kwamba Range ni gari maalum kwajili ya queens wote wapambanaji mjini wakiongozwa na @officialzuchu,” Diamond wrote.


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