Tanzania’s Bongo sensation Harmonize has admitted that his ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala was the one who inspired his hit song, Single.

In a lengthy message on his Instagram account, the artist said that he was looking for a way to heal after breaking up  with the actress only for him to make  the global hit song.

He further said that his songs are based on his life experiences, adding that those who had a moment with him should expect to see how they treated him.

“I’m not shamed at all to say that My X Inspired me to make this Global Hit Song 🙌 Yes I can Even swear to God !!!!! I was in Love 😂😂 I was Looking for A good way to heal After PAINFUL 😖 I ended up to making this GLOBAL HIT SONG GOD IS GOOD IM DOING OK & I’m Like MIMI HUYU HUYU 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Yes it’s Life !!!!! The one thing about me is I sing About My Life anything I’m going through i normally share with You Coz I believe my Life story can Change the world 🌎 🙏 so if we had Moment Together Expect to see whatever You have treated me 🙏 So Yess Make Sure You treat me good either you treat me bad I’ll be proud of You,” the Konde gang founder said.

The idea of using a woman who resembles Kajala however came form his director.

“Still ❤️ I KNOW EVERYONE NOW TALKING ABOUT @caren_simba Trying to be Like my X in the Video. Yess DIRECTOR he was like WE CAN DO THIS VIDEO WITH CAREN…I was like WHY ??? KENNY Said Number 1. We are making VIDEO & SHORT FILM 🎞️ we need Girl that she can also be a good actress 😳Number 2. KENNY said Everyone knows that You Love Big Booty so let Get A Girl with BIG BOOTY,” he said.


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