Hamisa Mobetto has promised to take Diamond Platnumz’s friend Haji Manara on a dinner date.

Hamisa, who insinuated that she is out of Tanzania, took to Instagram and said that she will take Manara out once she returns.

“Kakangu Hajis Manara, Nikirudi nitakupeleka dinner,” the socialite said accompanied by the image of the Tanzanian football official.

A screenshot of Hamisa’s post.

Of late, Manara has been trending in Tanzanian blogs because of the issues with his fifth wife that saw him demand a divorce.

Diamond’s name was dragged in the mess with a number of blogs claiming that he was the reason why Manara broke up with his wife. Diamond is said to have had an affair with Manara’s wife during a tour in Dubai.

Speaking about Manara’s woes, Diamond however slammed those who were jealous of Manara’s marriages. He also encouraged him saying that he will get over the test.

“Ushadadi na Tafrija za baadhi ya watu Juu ya mtihani Huu wa ndoa ya bugati, unaonesha ni kiasi gani walivyokua na wivu na husda na ndoa zake, utazani labda wao walizuiwa kuoa ama kuolewa. My brother Haji Manara hili nalo litapita kama mengine yalivyo kwendanga” Diamond said.

He went ahead and thanked the naysayers for dragging his name in the mess saying that they only helped his brand grow further as he bagged more endorsements.

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