Popular YouTube content creator Vincent Mboya has surprised many Kenyans after relocating to Canada to start a fresh.

He shared the surprise through a Vlog that covered his preparations and journey from his house in Nairobi to the country that he was travelling to.

The content creator said that he felt  he had covered enough content while in Kenya, from interviewing high profile people in different crafts both locally and internationally.

“I’m done with Kenya, I  have exhausted Kenya,” he said.

The ambitious YouTuber said that  continuing to create content from  Kenya will be a repetition of what he has been doing.

“Guys let me go and look for greener pastures,” he told his YouTube followers.

Narrating his apparent success, Mboya said that he left Mombasa to start life in Nairobi with nothing. The internet personality also said that he made the decision of relocating upon realising that he was beginning to feel comfortable of his achievements.

“I left Mombasa to come to Nairobi. I came to Nairobi with literally nothing. God helped nikafika mahali nimefika. Mimi ni mtu huwa sipendi kuwa comfortable, the moment I notice nimekuwa comfortable  that is the moment I start getting scared. The moment I noticed niko na pesa, gari,  manyumba poa, that is when I get afraid. I have decided to go to another country and start afresh,” Mboya said.

He added that while he planned the journey for quite a while before leaving, he would never let people perceive what he was up to; a trait he borrowed from his  close friend Eric Omondi

“Never show all your cards,” he quoted Eric’s words.

Many have congratulated him and wished him well, urging him to continue creating more content while there.

Vincent Mboya has been in the content creation industry for three years now and is positive of what life holds for him in the foreign land.

He came to the limelight after begging Jalang’o and Kamene Goro to help him clear Ksh18,000 rent arrears.


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