Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua has fired back at Moses Kuria over a statement he made regarding the Mt Kenya Kingship status.

Hours after the King who was in Kenya for an official visit flew out of the country, Kuria made a cryptic post on his X account advising the fake kingpins to take over since the Real king had left.

”Sasa ju King ameenda, Fake kingpins can now take over.” Kuria wrote.

Gachagua seemingly took this as a jab directed towards him as he took time on Sunday to explain where the feud with Kuria all began.

Speaking to the faithful during a church service at the ACK St James Cathedral in Kiambu county, Gachagua who has been involved in an online cold war with the former Gatundu member of parliament hinted that the war erupted during the 2022 elections.

This was a result of the deputy president supporting the current Kiambu governor, Kimani Wamatangi who was Kuria’s opponent for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat.

”All those who vied against Wamatangi hate me to date for supporting him,” the self-proclaimed son of Mau Mau revealed.

Gachagua blasted Kuria over his remarks on X stating that he was already the deputy president and hence had no desire for any other office. He termed the Kingship discussion as pure nonsense maintaining that his schedule was full.

”I have no time to desire for any other office. I have a lot of work to do and no time for that Kingship nonsense.” Gachagua remarked.

He further stated that he had read the constitution cover to cover and he had not found the role of a kingpin before sarcastically asking for the salary and location of the Kingpin’s salary.

”I have read the whole constitution and I did not find the role of a kingpin. Where is the office of the Kingpin located, how much is the salary? ” the former Mathira Member of Parliament questioned.



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