A section of Kenyan netizens are angry with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua for his lack of accountability and continuously heaping blames on the previous regime and Azimio leader Raila Odinga for the government’s shortcomings.

Gachagua was recently quoted saying that the government  is unable to pay salaries and disburse funds to counties because of the handshake between the opposition and the previous government.

“It is true we are having a problem in paying salaries and disbursing money to counties because the handshake regime looted everything…….Everything is finished.” Gachagua said on Sunday.

Netizens have now urged Raila to recall mass action popularly known as Maandamano as they believe that President Ruto’s government is playing deaf to common mwananchi’s pleas.


Kenyans are also furious because the same state that decries bankruptcy allocated Sh 1.5B to Gachagua’s wife office while another Shs 800 Million was allocated for vehicular acquisition for both President Ruto and Gachagua.

To add salt to injury the Ruto regime has spent a total of Shs. 351B for the past three months. Kenyans deduced all this as extravagant and satirical as the government claims the national coffers are empty.

“If my Baba man stays out of mandamano people will still assemble and demonstrate .it is no longer Raila’s.Kenyans are angry with Ruto and Gachagua, including those in the government . It is clear that we want demos more than My Baba wants it #MaandamanoMondays,” a Twitter user said.


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