Comedian Flaqo hilariously reacted to claims that his girlfriend Winnie Keranta is pregnant.

The funny man took to social media to share a photo of himself jumping up hence conforming to the popular swahili phrase “Kuruka mimba.”

“Ati mimba?” Flaqo captioned the photo.

Courtesy Instagram

The couple also addressed the claims in a YouTube video which they created to address questions from their fans. Keranta said that she was only gaining weight and is not planning to conceive any time soon.

“Do I look look pregnant, I am just gaining weight. I am not pregnant and I am not going to be pregnant any time soon. Please guys just stop. I’m not pregnant, every time I post on my socials people are like congratulations in advance and I’m like stop it! ” she said.

Flaqo on the other hand was not sure if his girlfriend was pregnant or not. He asked her such to show him her belly so that he can be sure if they are expecting or not.

“”Ebu fungua hiyo nguo… show me. Because comments are like pregnant, pregnant and I’m like kwani kuna kitu mimi sijui,” Flaqo said.

Rumors that Keranta is expecting emerged just days after the two confirmed that they have been in a relationship for three years. Their keen followers noticed that Keranta’s belly was unusually big .

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