Harmonize seems to have finally gotten over his ex Fridah Kajala following his recent act.

From a recent pic the position on his foot where the tattoo of his ex fiancée Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala no longer has the tats.

According to the number of tattoos and the details on his body Harmonize seems to be very particular and passionate about them.



The Kioo hit maker has had several tattoos including his former boss  Diamond Platnumz  mzungu ex Sarah Michelotti former and late Tanzanian President, and now fiancee Fridah Kajala which he just un did.

Harmonize got the tattoo in May 2022 and proclaimed his undying love for Kajala stating that her together with Paula are his favourites.

(K) & (P) Still my favourites Sitokaa na Kuwaza Siku Chache Tulizopishana Nitawaza Zaidi Kipindi Kirefu tulicho Ishi Kwa Upendo Mungu awabariki Sanaa…!!! na Awatangulie thanks 🙏 DEM FAVOURITE SONG VIDEO DROPPING TONIGHT 7:00 🇹🇿” wrote Harmonize.

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