A naughty female lawyer lost her job for allegedly using nicknames on a junior male employee that are deemed  sexual harassment by the organization she was working for.

According to a report by Daily Nation, the woman was sacked by Kituo Cha Sheria after the male employee complained that she was calling him  baby boy and boy lollipop.

The lawyer lost her job November 2022 following the complain that was filed in April 2022. The lawyer, whose name was withheld over legal and dignity matters, was working as a programme coordinator until May 2022 when she was suspended.

She however dragged her employer to court in a bid to get reinstated.

“After being sacked, the woman sued Kituo cha Sheria, alleging unfair dismissal,” the Nation reported.

In court papers, the employer says the female lawyer nicknamed the male employee without his consent.

“It was concluded that the petitioner was involved in sexual harassment of an employee whom she had  supervisory roles control over by repeatedly using the term “baby boy’ and ‘boy lollipop’ when referring to him without consent and through advances of sexual nature that were both verbal and physical,” Kituo Cha Sheria stated in court papers.

The Employment and Labor relations court is expected to make a ruling whether the nicknames were affectionate or a form of sexual harassment. It will also decide if her dismissal was lawful.


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