Social media enthusiasts have taken matters on their own to lush socialite Shakila for allegedly flaunting doctered M-pesa messages.

” Apo kwa new balance …. M-PESa … A iko in small letters why???an individual identified as Akapela Kabaya questioned.

Shakila became the talk of town a few days ago after updating her Mpesa balance on Instagram.

According to her screenshot text , her M-pesa balance was Ksh 287,675 and she captioned it as ” Otilo!”

Before that was an M-pesa text that indicated that she had received Sh25, 000 from an individual identified as Olamide making her balance Ksh 48, 675.

Her followers who believe that her text was doctored had these to say.

”Does mpesa give 12hr clock (6.36)pm and then later 24hr clock (20.27) pm . How comes the transaction code is QKL the changes to QHC Even how mpesa over 150,000 accepts in a single transaction is open for debate clout chasing

baby__ras:1. QH ni Mpesa code ya Aug not Nov. The second text is fake.2. The 2nd text again, what is ‘M-PESa’, Shakilla?😂

venahmoh: Just here to say QH…. Was the mpesa code for August. November tuko QK. Also doesn’t mpesa have a limit ama ni mpesa yangu tu iko na utiaji? 😂

Celebrities have been on the lime light for faking their bills and accout balances , Comedian Nasra was also in hot soup last month for allegedly impersonating Verah Sidika’s 59K bill.

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