Social media influencer Pritty Vishy has thrown shade towards women who look down upon her ass she compared them to their boyfriends.

Taking to her Instagram, Pritty Vishy ,posted a a beautiful photo of herself followed by an interesting caption

”Alot of girls don’t like me but there boyfriends do🤣🤣”

Her caption has once again attracted conversations regarding her physic and she lost a cool with one of her followers who insinuated that her boobs could be seems heavy.

Some fans were not lenient with their comments eve with some asking her to go for liposuction noting that she is amorphous

”Huwezi afford liposuction wewe😂😂
Tafuta hela ufanye liposuction hiyo shape zii unaka circle

kwani Mulamwah alikukataa?

Despite all the trolls Pritty vishy  has effortlessly become a darling among many social media users with many envying her confidence.


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