Kenya’s finest artist Otile Brown has stirred a steamy conversation on Instagram following his recent conduct in a business class airplane.

In the video that has been the talk of town over the night, Otile is seen fumbling with the Camera/TV in front of his seat while the rest of the passengers on board were minding their own business.

His fans however did not hesitate to give him their thoughts about his conduct.

This generation iko na shida …you can see that old couple next to you they’re just chilling hakuna mbwembwe na macamera recording ooh ooh but here comes otile struggling with the plane TV na camera aki si ujana usumbua aki …otile aki tulia 😂😂😂😂

”Otile…. remote ya hiyo screen iko hapo kando ya kiti …. sawa!”

The artist however, did not shy away from fighting back in his flooded comment section.

@evansomarion fala sana 😂sawa basi 😂😂” otile Brown replied and the comments kept pouring with some wondering with him.

Mimi ile kitu nashangaa ni kwani hakuna remote?
Someone ca easily say it your first time in 1st class…. ask for the remote
Nani amekasarisha Otile…Macho amekodoa ni kama Ako jaba…ama ni hiyo screen inamkoroga 😂

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