Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi was released from the Central Police station on Tuesday night after his dramatic arrest while heading to deliver millions of CVs to Statehouse.

Speaking to digital creators, the comedian narrated how he was able to collect the CVs of Kenyans from different parts of the country.

“There is a day I was from Kilimani and I said I was going to statehouse. I asked Kenyans to send CVs. We put up a WhatsApp number. A lot of people send CVs and I realized that if I was going to make this thing work, I could not go with 3 million people to statehouse. I printed all of them and said I would personally take them to statehouse,” he said.

Asked on why he chose to use a cart(mkokoteni) to ferry the documents, Eric said that it was a symbol of the hardship that Kenyans are currently going through.

“Mkokoteni is a symbol of the Kenyan hustler right now. The way people go through a lot of hardship and sweat to get money. So it was a symbol to show the current lifestyle of Kenyans. People are struggling. People are carrying lots of weight. It could be rent, school fees, unemployment, poverty… you saw the sweat in my situation, that is what Kenyans are going through right now. They are suffering, they have carried lots of burden,” he said.

Eric further said he doesn’t feel bad that he was unable to reach to Statehouse. He added that he is happy he didn’t make it because President William Ruto is out of the country.

“It only hit me later that Ruto is away in Germany. So I just thought let me just take them the president has aides. They will go through the CVs by Friday they have already sorted them. I was thinking while in the cell, the president is coming on Friday, I will take them when he is there. He will be even told that I was going there,” he said.

Eric however does not understand why the police arrested him yet he was not demonstrating and was just alone. According him they would have provided him security to and from statehouse instead.


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